Now report on your company you can get free of charge


Our portal users interest about Latvian companies triples when annual reports are submitted. For every entrepreneur it is important how business looks from aside when competitors, business partners and customers sees it. We offer you to be acquainted with your companies’ solvency index CrefoScore, credit history, maximum credit allowed and other business information free of charge. All this information is included in one report on your company. About solvency index CrefoScore and other information that is included in full report on your company, you can read here.

Who can receive report on company free of charge?

Only company members and management can receive report on company free of charge.

Where and how to receive information about your company?

1. Log in or register (for new users)

2. Open section “My companies”

3. Choose your company

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask CrediWeb customer support service help!