14.6% of foreign capital in Latvia belongs to Sweden


The map illustrates TOP 10 countries from which largest foreign investments originated in May 2017. The total investment amount from 10 largest investment origin countries composes more than 2/3 (approximately 68%) from all investments in Latvian enterprises with foreign capital.

As a clear leader is dominating the Scandinavian country – Sweden, from which originating investors constitute 14.6% of total investment in Latvian enterprises with foreign capital. As the largest investors may be mentioned Swedish banks: Swedbank AB with EUR 575 million investment in AS Swedbank capital and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB with EUR 145.3 million investment in AS SEB Banka capital.

Second place in terms of investment amount is taking Russia, whose nationals’ total investments compose 9.4% of foreigner investments in Latvian companies. Among the biggest investors are such well-known Russian companies as OAO SEVERSTAL and OAO GAZPROM. The Top 3 is concluded by the Netherlands with 8.9% share of the foreign investment amount. Largest investors are company’s SIA CEMEX, SIA AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP and the shopping centre "Acropolis" developer SIA M257 investors.

Other Scandinavian countries - Norway and Denmark – are respectively ranked 4th and 10th place. Nearest country neighbours - Lithuania and Estonia - occupy the 6th and 7th place respectively. Among the largest foreign investments origin countries also ranks Cyprus (5th place), United Kingdom (8th place) and the US (9th place).

*The top is based on publicly available data of total investment in Latvian enterprises with foreign capital.

Источник: CrediWeb.lv